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The 'how to' of Herbal Infusions

The 'how to' of Herbal Infusions
The 'how to' of Herbal Infusions:
Making a ‘herbal infusion’ is as easy as making a cup of tea. Literally. 

Many medicinal herbs are ideal to consume as a tea or 'herbal infusion.' Arial herbs, (or the plants where you use the above ground parts), are preferred for teas.

These are medicinal herbs inclusive of, but not limited too: Mullein, Tulsi, Passionflower, Hibiscus, Lemon Balm, most in the mint family, Nettles, Yarrow, Meadowsweet, Cats Whiskers. These and many more arial plants give medicinal chemical compounds in a water extraction, aka, a cup of tea. 

These herbs can be utilised freshly picked from the garden or dried. There is often a slight difference in taste between fresh and dried herbs and often it comes down to availability and personal preference. 

For freshly picked herbs, you need to use more plant matter in the infusion as the plant contains water and the medicinal properties are not as concentrated. We generally double the amount of plant matter for freshly picked (not dried) herbs.

With purchased herbal medicine infusions; such as our herbal teas, usually a guide is given as to the amount of herb and water and that should be used.

These are informed guides to be individually worked with. This is because just as humans are all different shapes and sizes, so is the amount of herbal tea you may require. For example, a small person would require a less potent tea than a larger person. Someone very unwell would require a stronger tea than someone with a slight sniffle. 


Place the desired amount of your herb into a tea infuser/strainer.

Ratios for a dried herb: 1tsp - 2 tbs infused with one mug of water, dependant on the herb and your desired strength. 

Ratios for a fresh herb: 2tbs-4tbs infused with one mug of water, dependant on the herb and your desired strength. Fresh herbs contain water and as such more of the herb is required.

Pour in boiling water: 

Allow to infuse for 10-15 minutes, until the water becomes tepid and suitable to consume.

Remove the tea infuser. Hey presto, delicious herbal tea!

You can also make the herbal tea based on your taste preference. Most herbal tea is pleasant to drink, however if you are a sweet tooth you can always add honey or similar to taste. We love Tulsi tea infused with a slice of fresh Ginger. 

Often you can use the herbs twice, to make a second weaker infusion and ensure that you are utilising all of the plant goodness available. 

Herbal tea should be looked at as ‘natural medicine’ and ‘supportive tonics’ and consumed as such. You wouldn’t take a painkiller or antihistamine if your body did not require it and the same should be said of certain herbs. It is important to learn about the 'supportive tonics' versus the 'sometimes' herbs. 
Natural medicine is to be worked with to establish what feels right and helpful for you. It is a constant process of reassessment, establishing what your body  requires, and putting the autonomy of your health and wellbeing back into your hands. 

We encourage you to empower yourself and hope that you find the journey of learning and connecting with nature enjoyable. 

To enjoy our delicious, organic, Australian grown herbal tea find us at


Kind Regards,
Elle xxx


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