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Why use herbal medicine?

Why use herbal medicine?
It is natural to be unsure at first of herbal medicine.

Biomedical pharmaceuticals have largely become the main form of treatment for simple ailments over the last century. However this need not be the case. 

The capacity of herbal medicine to address modern health problems is extensive, and there is scientific and empirical evidence as to its effectiveness. These are usually simple remedies that are as easy as making a cup of tea.

The effectiveness of these remedies should not be underestimated due to their simplicity. A cup of tea can provide a life changing result.


Herbal medicine is the oldest system of medicine known to mankind, and modern herbal medicine is well documented with literature that is credible, medically, chemically and scientifically based. Scientific journal articles and the 'British Herbal Pharmacopia' are important examples of quality scientifically based literature.

In Australia medicinal herbs are not cheap and receive no subsidies from government or the pharmaceutical benefit scheme. People access medicinal herbs, from professional practitioners, pharmacies, health food stores and on the individual level because they effective. People access and purchase these herbs, and continue do so, because their financial investment in them is worthwhile. 

Apart from their efficacy as useful remedies for humans, medicinal herbs are also kinder to the planet, utilising naturally occurring plants to alleviate the need to 'create' or manufacture a drug.  

With documented efficacy backed by credible, medical and scientific literature,  the age-old practice of herbal medicine provides results that are beyond effective.

Australian Medicinal Herbs provides premium quality, Australian Grown organic herbs. These are life changing remedies that are as easy to prepare as a cup of tea. 

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