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How to make ear ache oil with Mullein Flowers

How to make ear ache oil with Mullein Flowers

Mullein flowers are a tried and true remedy to reduce the pain and inflammation of ear infections. It is the antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities of the flower helps to kill germs and fight infection.  

To make Mullein ear-ache oil:
You need: 
A mason jar or a jar with a good secure lid
A lot of Mullein flowers
Olive oil (or other oil of your choice)

So whole cloves of garlic (optional)

Harvest flowers from plant.
Ensure that you are harvesting after the dew of the morning has melted so the flowers are not wet. You will be infusing the flowers in oil and it is important to ensure that the flowers are not wet so the oil does not become rancid. 

Allow the flowers to be dried under a fan or in a cool dry place for a number of hours. You want them to be lightly dried, so that they still have all of their amazing healing properties but with no residual moisture. 

Alternatively you can purchase Mullein flowers from various reputable herb stores. If you need to do that, please ensure it is organic produce and sourced locally for the best quality flowers. 

Once dry place the flowers into your chosen glass jar. A mason jar with a secure lid is ideal.

Over the top of your flowers pour in the oil of your choice. We use Olive oil for our oil infusions. 
The amount of oil/flower ratio is:
You use one part flowers and cover with triple the volume of oil. Ensure that the flowers are completely covered and then turn the jar to mix thoroughly. 

Try to have very little air in the jar, you want it to be full by volume, so if you are making a small batch use a small jar, if you have a lot of flowers and are making a larger batch use a large jar. 

The ratios will be similar to this.

I like to add garlic to my Mullein earache oil so I chop a clove or two of garlic once or twice and place it into the oil mixture. This step is completely optional and should be given a miss if your family members have allergies in the allium family. 

Garlic has additional health benefits that assist in infection fighting.

Place the jar in full sun to infuse for 6-8 weeks. It is important that you shake and turn the jar, so place it in an obvious location where you will see it and remember to turn it over daily. 

In summer, 6 weeks should be ample time and if you are making in winter, leave the oil for the full 8 weeks to ensure the plant benefits are fully extracted. 

When your oil is ready, using a muslin cloth doubled over strain out the Mullein flowers (and garlic clove if you added it) pouring the infused oil into a clean glass jar. It is imperative that no particles of the flower are left in the oil extraction.

Bottle the infused oil in a dark coloured bottle and keep in a cool dark place. Label the bottle with the contents, “Mullein infused oil” and write the date on it.
How long it stays stable for depends on your conditions, temperatures and how you store it but it should remain usable for at least two years. If the oil develops an unpleasant rancid smell do not use it. 

To use the earache oil simply drop several drops of the oil in your ear and allow them to seep into the ear canal for about a minute. You should receive relief within an hour.

This is the method that we use to create an amazingly potent ear infection killer that never fails us. You can now give it a try for your family. Let us know how you go!
To purchase Mullein seed to grow your own organic flowers click the link here:
Kind regards,
Elle xxx
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