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Elle, Hannah and Jessie - Australian Medicinal Herbs
Our story

Hi, I'm Elle and these are my two girls Hannah and Jess. 

We are the farmers, pickers, driers, choppers, blenders and packers that create your herbal teas. It goes from paddock to packet right here, produced by us so that it can be as fresh and as medicinally beneficial as possible.

Whilst doing an Organic Horticulture Certification, I started learning about medicinal plants. This interest generated a fascination with herbalism and natural medicine.

When I tried to purchase medicinal herbs I found a lot of really poor-quality herbs that had been imported from other countries.

I looked for fresh, organic herbs that were grown in Australia, however, the options were very limited.

So I decided to grow my own.

Initially, I started growing herbs such as Mullein to help my mother, who has a morning cough. It helped her immensely and after I saw how it helped her, I became a bit of a Mullein nerd…. I learned as much as I could about it. Its pharmacology, active constituents, extraction techniques and all things about growing and harvesting. 

I found it to be especially helpful for my friends and family during Covid. Eventually, I decided to grow it on a scale where I would be able to help everyone, not just my friends and family.

I have been producing Mullein Tea for a number of years now. My customers are beautiful people whom I have gotten to know and love. They often call or email to thank me for the tea, telling me how much it helps them and about their journey with their health issues. This is what gets me up in the morning, knowing that what we are doing is making a difference in people's lives.

During my farming journey, I have met other farmers, who have their own plants that they are passionate about. Organic and regenerative farmers such as Pepe from 'Five Sixty Farm' in Gundirumbah on the Wilson River in Northern NSW, who grows with such passion and care for his soil, community and produce.

From this collaboration the Australian Medicinal Herb tea line has been created, uniting small regenerative organic farmers to produce the highest quality medicinal tea in the world. 

Australian Medicinal Herbs is creating a sustainable and ethically conscious medicinal herb industry in Australia. Our farmers use regenerative farming methods to ensure the fertility of our Australian soil for future generations. We grow our herbs organically and harvest and dry our produce using natural drying methods. We are local to New South Wales and are committed to lowering our footprint on our environment. 

We are deeply passionate about medicinal herbs and being in control of our own health and well-being. We each have stories of how our herbs have made a difference in our lives, and that of our friends and family. We use our own produce and know that it is helpful. We want to show you the love that we put into our herbs and produce for you life-changing tea.

Thank you so much for supporting us, we hope that in turn, we can support you on your health journey. 

Kind regards,

Elle, Hannah and Jess xxx
Australian Medicinal Herbs